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Elevate your everyday.

Elevate your everyday

28 September 23

ELEVATE YOUR EVERYDAY Take inspiration from a Duchess’ timeless bathroom situated at the National Trust's Ham House. It was one of the first purpose-built bathrooms installed in England in the 1670’s and still features the...

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New products and an Italian Greyhound.

New products and an Italian Greyhound

20 September 23

NEW PRODUCTS AND AN ITALIAN GREYHOUND Owners of Yoko, an Italian Greyhound, knew that good nutrition was always going to be top of the list for them when caring for their dog. ‘It is like...

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Pumpkin Spice Cake.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

14 September 23

PUMPKIN SPICE CAKE Less tricks and more treats. This delicious pumpkin spice recipe is heartening and fun for the whole family to enjoy baking this Halloween. It was kindly photographed and shared by Em Metroka...

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Easy Pumpkin Pancakes.

Easy Pumpkin Pancakes

13 September 23

EASY PUMPKIN PANCAKES Host a flipping competition with the entire family and make a few stacks of these deliciously sweet and satisfying pancakes. This recipe was shared by our friends at New General Store in...

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Escape to the country.

Escape to the country

12 September 23

ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY Linnels Farm celebrates the British countryside through its varied annual calendar of 75 seasonal workshops and the importation of bulbs and flowers direct from Holland. Autumn is the busiest period for...

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Playing with Colour.

Playing with Colour

06 September 23

PLAYING WITH COLOUR Life/work partners, Rachael and Alex, set out to create a paint brand that is truly sustainable in an industry that was lacking. Pickleson paint is made responsibly and offers great coverage, is...

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Retailer. Schoolhouse. Portland. USA.

Retailer. Schoolhouse. Portland. USA

31 August 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER. SCHOOLHOUSE. PORTLAND. USA Schoolhouse has an innate affection for pieces with a past and believes that something worth owning now is worth owning forever. By drawing on designs with timeless appeal,...

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New Arrivals.

New Arrivals

14 August 23

NEW ARRIVALS We continue to expand the range, by developing new tooling for beautiful yet functional products. Introducing our five new products; an Oval plate in our classic color range, a two-piece Soap Dish, heavy-duty...

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Retreat. Surf Hotel. Buena Vista. USA..

Retreat. Surf Hotel. Buena Vista. USA.

09 August 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETREAT. SURF HOTEL. BUENA VISTA. USA. Colorado has long been a destination for fresh air, running rapids and the general pursuit of outdoor adventure. Based in the adventure town of Buena Vista,...

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Start a Kitchen Garden.

Start a Kitchen Garden

25 July 23

START A KITCHEN GARDEN Ham Houses’ historic Kitchen Garden is currently one of the most productive walled kitchen gardens in London. Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale, who inherited and transformed the house in the seventeenth...

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Land and Water.

Land and Water

25 July 23

LAND AND WATER land&water was founded by Pix Ashworth whose family hotel is Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall. As well as appreciating time out on the beach and cliffs herself, Pix has spent many years...

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A Coastal Kitchen.

A Coastal Kitchen

11 July 23

A COASTAL KITCHEN In Emily Scott’s second cookbook, Time & Tide, she weaves together all the strands that influence and inspire her cooking, including the versatility of her range of Falcon. Emily has kindly shared...

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11 July 23

EMILY SCOTT COLLABORATION For Emily Scott - chef, restaurateur and ever-influential author- less is more. Emily’s classical training in London and France helped form the backbone of her cooking style, her food and approach is...

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A 17th Century Treasure Trove.

A 17th Century Treasure Trove

02 July 23

A 17th Century Treasure Trove The National Trust’s Ham House and Garden bursts into colour during the summer, with the gardens in full bloom and a setting for theatre, exploration and play. We’re thrilled to...

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Top tips for hosting this Summer.

Top tips for hosting this Summer

28 June 23

TOP TIPS FOR HOSTING THIS SUMMER Heather Taylor is based in Los Angeles and founded Heather Taylor Home back in 2013 with a passion for creating linens that make every day feel like a celebration....

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Exploring British Heritage.

Exploring British Heritage

20 June 23

EXPLORING BRITISH HERITAGE 12 years ago, the original Falcon Enamelware collection was revitalised. Our aim was to breathe new life into a century old British icon and showcase enamelware’s benefits to today’s generation. We believe...

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Be Home For Dinner.

Be Home For Dinner

13 June 23

BE HOME FOR DINNER Be Home For Dinner is designed as a community cookout: something fun, flirty, and family-style. Guests mill about, moving from tables to standing with all courses served on Falcon’s iconic rimmed...

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A Simple Spring Salad.

A Simple Spring Salad

08 June 23

A SIMPLE SPRING SALAD Try this salad next time you're craving something fresh and colourful. Created by chef, writer, food stylist and jewellery designer, Georgina Fuggle who trained at Leiths School of Food & Wine,...

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Father's Day Offer.

Father's Day Offer

05 June 23

FATHER'S DAY OFFER On Sunday 18th June, we celebrate paternal bonds and fatherhood. For a limited time only, we’re offering a free heavy duty Tote bag with every order, while stocks last. Simply add a...

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Falcon and a rugged coastline.

Falcon and a rugged coastline

01 June 23

FALCON AND A RUGGED COASTLINE Fee Greening is an illustrator, inspired by Medieval, Gothic and Flemish art. Her stockists include Alex Eagle, Matches, Moda Operandi, Liberty London, Partnership Editions and Fortnum & Mason. We recently...

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Recipes for the weekend - Herb-loaded Lentils.

Recipes for the weekend - Herb-loaded Lentils

23 May 23

RECIPES FOR THE WEEKEND Ed is an acclaimed cook and food writer. His cookbooks include On the Side (2017), The Borough Market Cookbook (2018) and, most recently, Crave (2021). The latter was named ‘Best Cookbook’...

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Recipes for the weekend - Paneer Tikka.

Recipes for the weekend - Paneer Tikka

21 May 23

RECIPES FOR THE WEEKEND Ed is an acclaimed cook and food writer. His cookbooks include On the Side (2017), The Borough Market Cookbook (2018) and, most recently, Crave (2021). The latter was named ‘Best Cookbook’...

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