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Summer in bloom.

Summer in bloom

09 July 24

SUMMER IN BLOOM Florist duo, Mr Jones & Me, love working with their clients to bring vision to actuality; from bouquets and buttonholes to larger installations. Based on the beautiful Island of Anglesey, situated within...

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Cook up a seafood storm.

Cook up a seafood storm

03 July 24

COOK UP A SEAFOOD STORM There’s never a need for negative impact – that’s how London’s seafood experts, Wright Brothers, see it anyway. The people that make up their UK coastal team have a real...

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Celebrate 4th Of July With Falcon.

Celebrate 4th Of July With Falcon

01 July 24

CELEBRATE 4TH OF JULY WITH FALCON In celebration of Independence Day, we are offering all our US customers 15% off on selected products until 4th July 2024. Use code 4JULY24 at checkout. SHOP THE OFFER...

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Falcon for Campervan life.

Falcon for Campervan life

26 June 24

FALCON FOR CAMPERVAN LIFE Van life is all about conserving resources like water, gas, heat, fuel and space, which means simple meals are best. But the more familiar you become with this pared-back style of...

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Retreat. Harold House. Isle of Wight, UK..

Retreat. Harold House. Isle of Wight, UK.

12 June 24

RETREAT. HAROLD HOUSE. ISLE OF WIGHT, UK. Harold House is a three-storey townhouse from the late 1700s situated in the Old Town of Cowes, Isle of Wight. When the now-owners purchased it in 2020, it...

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Beautiful Little Details.

Beautiful Little Details

04 June 24

BEAUTIFUL LITTLE DETAILS Take a peek at the wedding of Frances Quinn, the Author of Quintessential Baking and the 2013 winner of the Great British Bake Off, which took place last year in Portmeirion. From...

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Summer Salads.

Summer Salads

23 May 24

SUMMER SALADS Make this recipe for Marinated Cucumber and Melon salad with peanuts, chili, and mint a Summer staple in your household. Captured by the food & lifestyle photographer and cook, Allegra D’Agostini, who grew...

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Falcon in Los Angeles.

Falcon in Los Angeles

23 May 24

FALCON IN LOS ANGELES Annie Campbell is a full-service catering and event production company based in Los Angeles, known for their signature warmth and unparalleled attention to detail; they excel in creating endless memorable occasions....

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Memorial Day Offer.

Memorial Day Offer

15 May 24

MEMORIAL DAY OFFER For this weekend, we are offering 15% off selected items exclusively in the US & Canada. Use code MEMORIAL24 at the checkout to receive the offer. Offer cannot be used in conjunction...

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Upgrade your Picnic.

Upgrade your Picnic

14 May 24

UPGRADE YOUR PICNIC Our enamel range makes for perfect picnicware with its enduring strength and stackability. Pack our 9½" plates and tumblers in a multitude of colours, and set the middle of the table or...

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A masterclass in better baking.

A masterclass in better baking

14 May 24

A MASTERCLASS IN BETTER BAKING Nicola Lamb is a recipe developer, consultant and pastry chef based in London. She trained in some of London and New York's top bakeries, including Dominique Ansel, Ottolenghi, Happy Endings,...

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On keeping well this Spring.

On keeping well this Spring

09 May 24

ON KEEPING WELL THIS SPRING Ahead of Mothering Sunday in the USA, we caught up with Amy Rosoff Davis who is a celebrity trainer, health & wellness coach, mother, actress and lover of Falcon Enamelware....

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Citrus Loaf Cake.

Citrus Loaf Cake

09 May 24

CITRUS LOAF CAKE Esther Clark is a freelance recipe writer, food stylist and editor. Find out what favourite ingredient Esther will be cooking with this Springtime, her top tips when visiting Bristol and don’t miss...

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A Spring Palette.

A Spring Palette

01 May 24

A SPRING PALLETTE Join us at Forage, Create and Capture: A Spring Palette Workshop on 22nd of May 2024, 10am - 2pm In this immersive and creative workshop, you'll have the opportunity to forage, know...

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Alfresco Entertaining.

Alfresco Entertaining

24 April 24

ALFRESCO ENTERTAINING Get colourful and creative with Frances Quinn this Summertime, Author of Quintessential Baking and winner of the Great British Bake Off 2013.   From pastel hues to bright bold contrasting colours, this shoot...

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Elevate Your Eggs.

Elevate Your Eggs

17 April 24

ELEVATE YOUR EGGS Master how to make your eggs the star of the show from this day forward as the award-winning London cook and writer, Ed Smith, launches a compendium and celebration of eggs. Good...

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Hosting tips for Spring.

Hosting tips for Spring

11 April 24

HOSTING TIPS FOR SPRING Arden’s menu is thoughtfully and sustainably developed using the highest-quality ingredients. Local is their love language. You can enjoy a past interview with the owners here, whilst exploring their top tips...

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Retreat. Le Chalet Olivet. France.

Retreat. Le Chalet Olivet. France

04 April 24

RETREAT. LE CHALET OLIVET. FRANCE Meet the French model and tastemaker, Alice Moireau, who last year relaunched Le Chalet Olivet. A beautiful French getaway and location house based in the heart of Olivet on the...

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Lily Vanilli’s Easter Cake.

Lily Vanilli’s Easter Cake

28 March 24

LILY VANILLI'S EASTER CAKE If you’re after a showstopping cake this Easter, look no further than Lily Vanilli’s hand-crafted cakes of dreams. Since starting out in 2008 Lily Vanilli has been renowned for her pioneering...

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Chocolate Hot Cross Buns.

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

27 March 24

CHOCOLATE HOT CROSS BUNS The original recipe for a Hot Cross Bun is a sandwich using white bread featuring spices and sultanas inside. This delicious double chocolate version, from our friend Lidia at Nonsolofood, concentrates...

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Prepping for visiting guests.

Prepping for visiting guests

21 March 24

PREPPING FOR VISITING GUESTS The National Trust’s Ham House and Garden is a rare and atmospheric 17th-century house that sits on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond. It is internationally recognised for its...

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Falcon’s distinctive ice-white.

Falcon’s distinctive ice-white

07 March 24

FALCON'S DISTINCTIVE ICE-WHITE Suppers, run jointly by Rosie Kellett & Virginia Malavasi, is a seasonal supper club hosted from their communal warehouse home in East London. Their most recent Winter edition featured Falcon’s ice-white with...

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Painting with Falcon.

Painting with Falcon

25 February 24

PAINTING WITH FALCON Meet Amelia Rose Potts, a contemporary British artist and painter whose work is largely figurative with a strong focus on bold colour. Amelia likes to surround herself with beautiful and interesting objects,...

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Marbled Iced-Biscuits.

Marbled Iced-Biscuits

16 February 24

MARBLED ICED COOKIES Our recipe for Marbled Cookies will get the children extra excited to enjoy some kitchen art this weekend. Not only is the marbling fun and tasty, another great activity for them is...

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