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Springtime colours.

Springtime colours

04 April 23

SPRINGTIME TABLE Mix and match with endless colour this season, as captured here by Kinship Creative. Our newest complimentary colours – available in our Tumbler and 3 Pint Jug – are inspired by culinary sauces....

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Lion Party Cake.

Lion Party Cake

27 March 23

EASTER CELEBRATIONS WITH COLOUR Bring some colour to the table this Easter with our Lion Celebration Cake, all made, decorated and served using our durable and versatile Falcon products. This simple and enjoyable recipe is...

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A crowd-pleasing recipe.

A crowd-pleasing recipe

26 March 23

A CROWD-PLEASING RECIPE Based on Norwegian Fiskegrateng, this is crowd-pleasing Mac and Cheese made wholesome, thanks to the sneaking in of fish and a few peas. Created exclusively for Falcon by the award-winning cook and...

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Repurposed and Preloved.

Repurposed and Preloved

14 March 23

REPURPOSED AND PRELOVED Stone and Sage was founded as an online vintage and preloved shop by Sophie Harvey in 2019, this soon over time evolved into something rather unique. With seventeen years of experience lecturing...

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Making Beans Bold.

Making Beans Bold

13 March 23

MAKING BEANS BOLD Amelia Christie-Miller is the founder of Bold Bean Co., a company looking to nourish our growing population whilst also giving back to the planet. Her previous role forms the backbone of much...

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Marbled Iced-Biscuits.

Marbled Iced-Biscuits

13 March 23

MARBLED ICED-BISCUITS Falcon products, useful for this receipe •​​ Bake Trays•​​ Prep Set•​​ Serving Trays   INGREDIENTS For the cookies •​​ ½ cup of superfine sugar •​​ 4/5 cup of butter •​​ 1 egg yolk...

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A Falcon Pop-Up Shop.

A Falcon Pop-Up Shop

10 March 23

A FALCON POP-UP SHOP Falcon and The Hambledon have had an enduring relationship and synergy for many years. Owned and founded by Victoria Suffield, The Hambledon is a unique and independent department store, celebrated for...

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British Pie Week.

British Pie Week

06 March 23

BRITISH PIE WEEK Leek and Mushroom Pie INGREDIENTS Serves 4-6 •​​ 1 tbsp butter (use plant-based to make it vegan!)•​​ 3 leeks, washed and chopped•​​ 2 garlic cloves, minced•​​ 750g chestnut mushrooms, sliced•​​ 1 tbsp...

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Seasonal Supper Club.

Seasonal Supper Club

27 February 23

SEASONAL SUPPER CLUB Seasonal Supper Club is a small business based in London, founded by food enthusiasts, Emma Cantlay and Lucy Rose Turnbull. They produce tailor-made events and truly unique dining experiences. Their aim is...

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Retailer. The Garnet Stores. Norwich. UK.

Retailer. The Garnet Stores. Norwich. UK

19 February 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER . THE GARNET STORES. NORWICH. UK Find out why the comfort of home means everything to a little shop in the heart of a fine city, The Garnet Stores, and why...

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Pancake day tips and tricks.

Pancake day tips and tricks

17 February 23

PANCAKE DAY TIPS AND TRICKS Here are some tips and tricks for enjoying Pancake day all the more this year, and to guarantee a better batch of pancakes every single time. 1. Check the freshness...

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Mixing the old with the new.

Mixing the old with the new

14 February 23

MIXING THE OLD WITH THE NEW Amy Convery started Pops & Piaf as a prop hire company in 2019. Since then the brand has evolved somewhat with Amy carefully hand making items in small batches,...

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Classic chocolate brownie recipe.

Classic chocolate brownie recipe

08 February 23

CLASSIC CHOCOLATE BROWNIE RECIPE Robin Marsden has been a lifelong enamelware fan. ‘With its classic yet vintage aesthetic and durable nature, it’s easy to love. It really is a product for life, I still use...

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Hungarian sweet noodle cake.

Hungarian sweet noodle cake

03 February 23

HUNGARIAN SWEET NOODLE CAKE Pastry chef Ana Rusu will teach bakers of any skill level to make standout tarts, pies, cakes, cookies and more, going above and beyond the classics. Ana, who is an artist...

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Retailer. Hoom. Philippines.

Retailer. Hoom. Philippines

12 January 23

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RETAILER . HOOM . PHILIPPINES Hoom has been hosting and gathering people for as long as they can remember. It’s a home goods store based in the Philippines, selling hand-picked quality goods...

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To a brand new year.

To a brand new year

02 January 23

TO A BRAND NEW YEAR Falcon enamelware is honest, minimal and ordered. Since 1920, Falcon has made products that wear in, not wear out. We strive to make products that your grandchildren will be using...

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Waste not, Want not.

Waste not, Want not

30 December 22

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT You can make a difference this time of year by managing leftover food sustainably and reducing your waste. It’s all about making space in your freezer, checking cupboards before going out...

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A Winter Warmer Recipe.

A Winter Warmer Recipe

20 December 22

A WINTER WARMER RECIPE This is a winter warming recipe that will nourish your body from the inside out. It’s simple to make and bursting with flavourful, nutritious ingredients. Sometimes known as golden milk, add...

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A More Colourful Christmas.

A More Colourful Christmas

29 November 22

A MORE COLOURFUL CHRISTMAS Zeena Shah has always loved making things and remembers sewing and crafting with her mum from a young age. Her new book, Marbling, includes projects, design ideas and techniques for a...

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Restaurant + Retailer.Arden’s Rowayton.USA.

Restaurant + Retailer.Arden’s Rowayton.USA

22 November 22

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS RESTAURANT + RETAILER . ARDEN'S ROWAYTON . USA Arden’s Rowayton is a coastal cafe, provisions & coffee shop where hospitality, sourcing, quality and transparency are at the forefront. The concept was brought...

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Limited Edition Colours.

Limited Edition Colours

20 November 22

LIMITED EDITION COLOURS Falcon Enamelware is proud to present three new limited edition colours this autumn; ‘Marie Rose’, ‘Tarragon’ and ‘Cream’. Our new complementary colour trio – available in our Tumbler and 3 Pint Jug...

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Black Friday.

Black Friday

17 November 22

BLACK FRIDAY Enjoy 20% off on selected items this weekend. Offer ends at midnight on Monday 28th November 2022. Simply enter 'BLACKFRIDAY22' at checkout and the discount will be automatically deducted from your basket. SHOP...

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For the love of kitchens.

For the love of kitchens

16 November 22

CLASSIC PAIRING At deVOL’s Clerkenwell showroom, based in the heart of London’s design district just around the corner from the Falcon HQ, customers are able to explore their bespoke kitchen ranges and accessories in one...

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Stir Up Sunday.

Stir Up Sunday

15 November 22

STIR UP SUNDAY As we enter a season full of traditions and rituals, one which has been around for centuries is the day the Christmas pudding is made, also known as Stir Up Sunday. With...

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