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Home-cooking with Falcon.

Home-cooking with Falcon

27 March 20

HOME-COOKING WITH FALCON We’ve pulled this delicious spinach pesto pasta from our archives; it’s a great option for the whole family to enjoy while at home during this time. Make use of your prep set...

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Easy Vegan Lentil Soup.

Easy Vegan Lentil Soup

20 March 20

EASY VEGAN LENTIL SOUP We’ve pulled out some recipes from the archive for you to enjoy over the coming weeks that are simple, easy and good for the soul. This is a particular favourite of...

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A Cup of Good & Proper Tea.

A Cup of Good & Proper Tea

11 March 20

A CUP OF GOOD & PROPER TEA We’d advise you to put the kettle on for this Q&A, as it seems only right when talking about the origins of a company focused on creating a...

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04 March 20

TEA FOR TWO SET WITH GOOD & PROPER TEA Treat someone special with our limited-edition Tea For Two set: the ultimate gift for anyone who appreciates the great British tea-drinking ritual. Available in five core...

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Special Offers.

Special Offers

02 March 20

SPECIAL OFFERS Receive up to 30% off our selected special items, whilst stocks last. Sage Tumbler$10.00 $7.00 - + Periwinkle Blue Tumbler$10.00 $7.00 - + Beige Tumbler$10.00 $7.00 - + Periwinkle Blue Mini Tumbler$9.00 $6.30...

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28 February 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS THE HAMBLEDON The Hambledon is an independent treasure-trove department store based in Winchester UK. They’ve recently celebrated 20 years in the business and are always re-evaluating their offering: a really good shop...

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Easy Pumpkin Pancakes.

Easy Pumpkin Pancakes

24 February 20

EASY PUMPKIN PANCAKES Host a flipping competition with the entire family this Pancake Day and make a few stacks of these deliciously sweet and satisfying pancakes. This recipe was shared by our friends at New...

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Spiced Pear & Rosemary Vegan Cake.

Spiced Pear & Rosemary Vegan Cake

12 February 20

SPICED PEAR & ROSEMARY VEGAN CAKE Ana Rusu of @herbs_and_roots specialises in plant-based, wholesome, seasonal recipes. This Spiced Pear and Rosemary Vegan Cake is ideal for baking and serving straight from oven to table in...

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01 February 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS NATOORA Franco Fubini set up his own transparent supply chain after finding it more and more difficult to access good quality seasonal produce. Read our interview with him to find out how...

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Warming Winter Vegetable Soup.

Warming Winter Vegetable Soup

20 January 20

WARMING WINTER VEGETABLE SOUP This wholesome soup recipe from visual storyteller and author Aimee Twigg is the antidote to any January blues. Ideal for making in a large batch to enjoy for lunch throughout the...

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Roasted Vanilla and Honey Pears.

Roasted Vanilla and Honey Pears

14 January 20

EAT THE SEASONS: PEARS Pears are just as appetising cooked as they are fresh and are so versatile, working beautifully in both sweet and savoury recipes. There are so many varieties around the world but...

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A New Year Cupboard Clear Out.

A New Year Cupboard Clear Out

07 January 20

A NEW YEAR CUPBOARD CLEAR OUT A new decade marks a significant new start. Clear out the old and unused and make space for the new and useful. Falcon Enamelware is designed to nest and...

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27 December 19

A RECIPE FOR A NEW YEAR FEAST This impressive recipe is the ultimate dish to add to your repertoire of festive entertaining. Made in our loaf tin, it’s prepared in advance and can be served...

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Christmas with Falcon.

Christmas with Falcon

05 December 19

CHRISTMAS WITH FALCON Serve up a feast this Christmas with our enamelware; it’s oven, hob and dishwasher safe, so you can serve your roast potatoes, turkey trimmings and sides straight from oven to table. Try...

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Festive Desserts.

Festive Desserts

02 December 19

FESTIVE DESSERTS Kick off the festive season with these indulgent dessert recipes; chocolate chestnut mousse and oranges in liqueur with saffron and pomegranate. These are delicious paired together, or for children, serve the mousse in...

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21 November 19

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS ACE GENERAL STORE Ace General Store have a unique approach to selling their wares. Community-driven, the co-owners Alex and Dan Cordell want it to be a place of refuge where good conversation...

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A Farmhouse Thanksgiving.

A Farmhouse Thanksgiving

20 November 19

A FARMHOUSE THANKSGIVING Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude. It is also a time to feast on delicious seasonal produce, as it historically was a day to celebrate the year’s harvest and looking...

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Stir Up Sunday.

Stir Up Sunday

14 November 19

STIR UP SUNDAY As we enter a season full of traditions and rituals, one which has been around for centuries is the day the Christmas pudding is made, also known as Stir Up Sunday. With...

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Floral Impact.

Floral Impact

03 November 19

FLORAL IMPACT Hackney-based florists, Katie and Terri, first started their creative floral design studio back in 2016. What originally began as a ‘book and bunch’ delivery service very quickly grew into something much bigger. They...

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Halloween Recipe Ideas.

Halloween Recipe Ideas

28 October 19

HALLOWEEN RECIPE IDEAS There are no tricks to making these two fun and colourful recipes. Especially for Halloween, Miriam from Mimi’s Bowl has shared a couple of her favourite recipes for this time of year,...

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Playful Pinch Pots.

Playful Pinch Pots

27 October 19

PLAYFUL PINCH POTS The pinch pot has been designed as one of our most versatile pieces yet. Available in our five core colours, it’s the ideal size for serving condiments, sauces and individual butter portions,...

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Tea And Loaf Cake.

Tea And Loaf Cake

24 October 19

LOAF CAKE RECIPES There is something incredibly comforting about a loaf cake. A slice served with a hot cup of tea has become an English ritual as the darker evenings draw in, so we’ve shared...

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New Limited Edition Mustard Yellow.

New Limited Edition Mustard Yellow

17 October 19

INTRODUCING MUSTARD YELLOW Introducing Mustard Yellow, the eponymous named new colour in Falcon’s limited edition collection, now available this Autumn in the 3 pint jug, tumbler and mini tumbler. Mustard seeds have been used in...

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16 October 19

HELLO, AUTUMN Cook comfort food to combat the cold this season with our brand new range of products, now available to buy online. Our long awaited loaf tins are perfect for baking classic loaf cakes...

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