Suppers, run jointly by Rosie Kellett & Virginia Malavasi, is a seasonal supper club hosted from their communal warehouse home in East London. Their most recent Winter edition featured Falcon’s ice-white with blue range throughout the tablescape with the covetable menu following one simple rule, to take the very best of the British Season’s harvest and with it, make the most delicious Italian food.
Get inspired with the beautiful photography caught on film taken from the night below, and shop our distinctively white with blue rim collection here. You can also indulge in our most recent interview with Rosie Kellett here.

To keep up to date with @rosiekellett and @virginiamalavasi’s work and next supper club visit them https://suppersby.com/.

Film photography- Benedikte Klüver (@benediktebee)
Digital stills- Jake Ogden (@jake_s_ogden)



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