Ahead of Mothering Sunday in the USA, we caught up with Amy Rosoff Davis who is a celebrity trainer, health & wellness coach, mother, actress and lover of Falcon Enamelware. Learn her top tips on keeping well this Spring and find out why her favourite Falcon item is the Prep Set for versatility and stackability.

How did you come to work in the world of health and wellness?

I have been a performer and lover of movement since childhood. After studying acting at NYU's Tisch school of the Arts, I moved out to LA to pursue a film and television career. Between acting jobs I was a waitress, but it got tiring, and I wanted to do something (on the side) that I was passionate about. I had always loved health, cooking, and movement, so I got certified and started teaching at a pilates studio called Ballet Bodies in Hollywood. Soon thereafter, I had built a strong client base and started digging deeper into different aspects of wellness and nourishment. I got my nutrition certification and developed my own movement method that combined pilates, dance and yoga with some HIIT training. In 2016 I went on tour to train and cook for my client Selena Gomez. That trip helped make my brand grow in so many ways and when I returned I got pregnant and embarked on the journey of motherhood. Having children expanded my health and wellness journey even more. From figuring out new recipes for the family to incorporating mindful ways to add wellness into a FULL lifestyle, I am constantly adjusting to the wild demands of life and am always on the path to be my best healthiest self. I will forever be a student, and I love learning and growing. I am passionate about sharing my findings with my clients, friends, family and community! My motto is- it feels good to feel good!!!

What are your top tips for keeping well this Spring/Summer?

Going back to basics and simplicity. Planting seeds in your life - for health, love and career. Put down what you are (metaphorically) holiding ( that's holding you back) to live the life you have always dreamed of. Expand in ways you didn't know possible, and be open to change. Move differently, eat different, try something new and see how it feels!

Do you have a favourite Falcon product that you're currently using, and why?

I love everything so much! My most used items are the stackable bowls and colander in the Prep Set and the 3 Pint Jug which I have in the cream color. The bowls and colander I use for prep, entertaining and cooking daily. They are so durable, easy to keep organized and versatile. I love the 3 Pint Jug so much, it not only helps me to drink tons of water all day, but is great for entertaining and also a fabulous vase! It's very easy on the eyes, so I love having it out on the counter, on my nightstand or in my studio- it helps my clients drink water too!

Are there any local companies you'd like to shoutabout? Where do you usually eat, drink, and source ingredients in your local area?

I love the studio City Farmers Market and local farms! I shop organic and like to support local businesses. We love Gusta market, Re_Grocery and Lassens, Whole Foods and Erewhon.


White with Blue Rim 3 Pint Jug

White with Blue Rim Prep Set

White with Blue Rim Pie Dishes


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