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Zero-waste tips and the store cupboard staples.

Zero-waste tips and the store cupboard staples

17 July 20

ZERO-WASTE TIPS AND THE STORE CUPBOARD STAPLES Around this time last year we gathered at British Architect John Soane’s Pitzhanger Manor for our first ever Falcon Feast. London-based catering company and cafe, Social Pantry, created...

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Baking with the kids this Summer.

Baking with the kids this Summer

14 July 20

BAKING WITH THE KIDS THIS SUMMER Enjoy this simple recipe for basic bread from Angela at @poppie_prints this Summer. An essential starter for any beginner breadmakers, kids and adults alike. It uses just five ingredients,...

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Blueberry Ripple Ice Cream.

Blueberry Ripple Ice Cream

05 July 20

BLUEBERRY RIPPLE ICE CREAM Giovanna and Marcus are a chef and butcher couple from South London. Giovanna was runner up on MasterChef in 2017 and Marcus has been a butcher for 15 years. They are...

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Recreate Your Favourite Brunch: Oreo French Toast.

Recreate Your Favourite Brunch: Oreo French Toast

02 July 20

RECREATE YOUR FAVOURITE BRUNCH: OREO FRENCH TOAST Find joy in recreating your favourite brunch dishes at home like @LondonCoffeeShops. If you’ve been missing your favourite brunch spot and you’re craving something sweet to kickstart the...

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Fresh Summer Vietnamese Rolls.

Fresh Summer Vietnamese Rolls

25 June 20

FRESH SUMMER VIETNAMESE ROLLS Fresh Vietnamese Summer rolls, also known as goi cuon (goi translates to salad and cuon translates to coil or roll), are the perfect summer snack or dinner. These fresh Vietnamese Summer...

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24 June 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS GRACE & COMPANY Grace & Company offers a carefully curated collection of classic designer and artisanal items for the home and beyond. Dorothy (Founder) grew up in Poland which has always had...

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Top Tips for Cleaning Enamelware.

Top Tips for Cleaning Enamelware

18 June 20

TOP TIPS FOR CLEANING ENAMELWARE Here are our top tips for keeping your long-lasting Falcon looking timeless and vibrant: You can use a dishwasher, but make sure you scrub off stubborn stains first…Falcon can safely...

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12 June 20

RETAILERS, RESTAURANTS, RETREATS COASTAL EXPLORATION COMPANY Coastal Exploration Co. is a beautifully unique enterprise, founded by Henry Chamberlain, providing unique explorations along the North Norfolk Coast on traditional fishing boats under sail. From wild adventurous...

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Treat someone special this Father’s Day.

Treat someone special this Father’s Day

10 June 20

TREAT SOMEONE SPECIAL THIS FATHER'S DAY Photography by Ruth Ward Our boxed products are useful for everyday family life and include some of our most iconic designs and shapes.   We’re offering 20% off our...

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Growing Your Own Herbs.

Growing Your Own Herbs

05 June 20

GROWING YOUR OWN HERBS Hackney Herbal specialises in creative workshops which teach people about the extensive uses of herbs. They are currently running online workshops and making special ‘staying home’ herbal tea blends designed to...

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The Perfect Picnic Checklist.

The Perfect Picnic Checklist

02 June 20

THE PERFECT PICNIC CHECKLIST As we slip into summertime get ready for picnic season and redefine al fresco dining at home with our simple checklist. Decamping from the kitchen has never been simpler with our...

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Almond Baked Oatmeal.

Almond Baked Oatmeal

20 May 20

ALMOND BAKED OATMEAL This quick and easy breakfast recipe is by food writer and blogger @thefauxmartha. Try different frozen berries and fresh fruit to create your favourite variation, topped with a dollop of yoghurt.  ...

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Goat’s Cheese, Red Onion & Rosemary Pizza.

Goat’s Cheese, Red Onion & Rosemary Pizza

16 May 20

GOAT'S CHEESE, RED ONION & ROSEMARY PIZZA With the warmer weather in full swing, try this recipe from our archive by @ophelieskitchenbook. It’s a wonderful recipe for the whole family, and is quick and easy...

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Lentil, Goat’s Cheese & Roast Beet Salad.

Lentil, Goat’s Cheese & Roast Beet Salad

11 May 20

LENTIL, GOAT'S CHEESE & ROAST BEET SALAD This recipe is by food writer @theglutenfreetable. It’s a delicious summer salad which can be made in bulk and served as a working from home lunch during the...

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Top Tips For Setting The Table.

Top Tips For Setting The Table

07 May 20

TOP TIPS FOR SETTING THE TABLE Go all out with setting the table at home this bank holiday, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to make an impact and feel special. From simple ideas such...

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Summer Dining Essentials.

Summer Dining Essentials

04 May 20

SUMMER DINING ESSENTIALS With summer starting off a little differently than usual for most of us, one thing which hasn’t changed is our love of dining al fresco, whether it’s on the beach or even...

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Your Lockdown Date Night Menu.

Your Lockdown Date Night Menu

30 April 20

YOUR LOCKDOWN DATE NIGHT MENU Create your own date night with this delicious menu of Roast Cod With Chanterelles and Nori Algae with a classic Tiramisu for dessert. Both recipes use our prep set and...

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Baked Rice With Tomato & Garlic Confit.

Baked Rice With Tomato & Garlic Confit

17 April 20

BAKED RICE WITH TOMATO & GARLIC CONFIT This recipe by Ottolenghi has been shot by recipe developer and cook, Jennifer Emilson from @thelemonapron, and is the perfect weekend dish. It’s packed full of flavour so...

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Child-Friendly Falcon.

Child-Friendly Falcon

16 April 20

CHILD-FRIENDLY FALCON Our enamelware is made from heavy-gauge steel, making it completely unbreakable. It’s become a popular choice for children thanks to its hard wearing properties, surviving any spillage, tantrum or fall. If it’s dropped...

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