Pauline is the Co-Founder of Un Cercle who recently took our wares on a trip to the Pyrenees between Spain and France, only four hours from home:


‘The fall colors were magnificent, and the atmosphere very mysterious. I especially love this time of the year, when it starts to get cold, and after a day of adventure, you warm up in a cozy cabin around the fire. Personally, I have a morning ritual that I cannot live without… a coffee with almond & hazelnut milk. We decided to pack up our car with some basic equipment and take a break in nature, just us with the sounds and smells of a fall forest.


“It’s the little things”, they said, and I have to admit that it’s exactly that. Appreciate life, savour the moment, before hitting the road again.’


Pigeon Grey Teapot

Pigeon Grey Serving Tray

Pigeon Grey 1 Pint Jug


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