Spinks Nest promises to surprise and delight you the minute you open the front door: the colours, textures, scents, warmth, light and sheer elan will leave you smitten. We recently interviewed owner, Ana Perez, to learn more about their offering and find out why it should be the first place you book once restrictions allow.

F: Can you tell us about your property, the Spinks Nest?

A. Spinks Nest has its own history going back two to three hundred years as a dwelling although perhaps a hundred years ago (we're not sure exactly) it has been paired with Riverbank cottage. It was let as a holiday cottage - but had fallen into a somewhat sad state of disrepair in recent times. When we bought Riverbank as our holiday home (soon to become our main home), Spinks Nest came along. We decided to try to make it again a holiday cottage, although this time, something fun, stylish, modern and luxurious yet with a rustic and vintage charm.


F. What made you decide to run an Airbnb cottage?

A. Because we wanted to create something special! Spinks Nest came with all sorts of compromises, largely due to its size, but that just gave us an even tougher brief to come up with imaginative solutions for – and to really create something special that people would love to come to.

From our widespread travelling we know what we like – and we wanted to see if we could create something that in the first instance we would love, and then share that with as many people as possible! And people do indeed love it as we do.


F. Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in your local area?

A. We are so lucky to have the most fabulous providers of food and drink, from field and coast, right here in north Norfolk!

The meat from Rutland's Butchers in Melton Constable is just amazing - it's almost like they've laced the meat with something to make it so tasty! Our local artisan bakery, Siding in Melton Constable, provides us with amazing sourdough baguettes, ciabatta, pastries, pasta and more. And we are very much partial to Brancaster oysters that can be found locally.

Since moving here, we have begun to do a little bit of foraging - Spinks Nest and Riverbank are surrounded by Garlic Woods, and in the springtime, we are indeed surrounded by wild garlic! It scents the air, strongly. We have made wild garlic pesto the past couple of years, which is fabulously green, zingy and just, well, fresh!

We've made some lovely apple jelly from our local apple trees - Hunworth has historically been full of orchards, and yet has apple orchards to this day (and was recognised as such during the Second World War, if our vintage land use map hanging in Spinks Nest is anything to go by!).


F. You use Falcon enamelware within the cottage. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

A. We love all the products that can conceivably be used as prepware! That is, that includes not only the Prep Set but also the Bake Set - as well as the new salad bowls! Falcon enamelware is just made for al fresco eating in our patio garden - including anything to do with barbeques. I honestly don't know where I'd be without Falcon enamelware in terms of prepping and serving! But the same goes indoors - they are just great: light, beautiful and practical.


F. Is there a specific dish that you would make using any of our Falcon products?

A. We love how easy it is to go from oven to table with Falconware, our most recent dish being a spatchcoked chicken cooked using the salad bowl in the oven! Testament to the versatility of the products.


F. How have you been keeping during this time? Do you have any tips for small businesses and for people hoping to come and stay with you and other such properties in the near and not so distant future?

A. We have tried to use the lockdown times productively, focusing on things we could control and in getting ready for receiving guests. We have been very lucky to have created a strong support network with other local holiday owners, it has been great to be able to help each other during difficult times. We would like to encourage everybody to keep on supporting small businesses in their local areas.


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Pigeon Grey Prep Set

Coal Black Pinch Pot

Pigeon Grey Mug


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