Last month Falcon took part in ‘The Breakfast Pavilion’, a special event in Venice which saw the complete transformation of a contemporary art gallery in aid of the Venice Biennale (the biannual contemporary visual art exhibition). Part art installation part food extravaganza, it was truly a one of a kind event and Falcon were delighted to be a part of it. 

A selection of contemporary artists and designers hosted intimate breakfasts over the course of the exhibition as a type of 'performance', featuring objects they had created, unique recipes and iconic product such as Falcon Enamelware! From 11am to 7pm the gallery was then open to the public who had the opportunity to visit the space, drink coffee, eat a slice of cake or even have a meeting. 

The event was co-curated by MLXL studio, Luca Lo Pinto and Maria Jeglinska. 

MLXL is an independent design studio in Venice.