Our friends at deVOL have recently opened a stunning new showroom on St John’s Square, just around the corner from the Falcon Enamelware HQ in Clerkenwell. 

Bringing the best of their ‘Classic English furniture’ to the area, the showroom is beautifully finished in their ‘Clerkenwell Blue’ colour and features three rather large pantry cupboards filled to the brim with Falcon Enamelware.

From the Falcon tumblers to the bake sets, prep sets and utensils... they feature a bit of everything. Check out these beautiful photographs taken of the showroom and why not visit them Mon-Fri 9AM-5.30PM or Saturday 10AM-5PM and don’t forget to stop by and say hi to us too, we’re open Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM.

DeVOL, 36 St.John's Square, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4JJ


Falcon Enamelware, 39 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4SH