If you’re on the hunt for inspiration for the home, visit Cassie’s Instagram account @casschung. She’s super savvy when it comes to style and applying it to family life. Cassie is all about tone and texture. She now lives in West Wales with her husband and three children and would say that both her home and wardrobe style would be described as the same: simple and relaxed. Read on for snippets of inspiration to get you through this bank holiday weekend, including advice on how to use your Falcon Cook's Candles

What do you think makes for a good product/design, especially for the home? 

A good product would naturally be something that looks good but would also have to fit in our home space, I love a practical product but I do love all the little bits in between that make a house a home. With three children it can still be practical and look good at the same time. 

How are you using your Falcon Cook's Candles? 

I'm a huge fan of candles and will always light them of an evening, they create a cosy space and the smell is beautiful. I have one in the living room and another in the dining room, the colours suit perfectly with all our greenery in the rooms. 

What's your most treasured possession

My most treasured possession would be pictures and notes from my children that they have left around the house, we have so many framed and they're incredibly special to me.

Do you have any advice on how to keep the house fresh and reasonably tidy with little ones?

Keeping the house tidy can be difficult with three children, we have baskets, shelves and boxes for toys and books. I'll do a clear out every couple of months and rotate toys. Now that we have a toddler in the house again I'm all about the storage bags to hide the mounds of lego and little animals!

Have you been/are you going away anywhere special with the family this Summer? 

We haven't been able to make a family holiday abroad this year but are hoping to make it back to Hong Kong Easter next year, it's our favourite place to travel to. We like to escape away for an adventure as often as we can do we've had a few London trips this summer for exhibitions, museum hang outs and Kew Gardens- such a beautiful place!