At Falcon, we aim to pair iconic design with durability to provide enamelware that looks great and functions practically. This makes it ideal for those Instagram-worthy picnic photos you want to share with friends and followers. With that in mind, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to styling your picnic plates and mugs to make sure you get the best possible results.

Step 1: Setting the scene

If you want to take the best Instagram-worthy photos of your picnic; you need more than just selecting a good filter. For the best outcomes and the most appealing images, you’ll have to think about the layout you use on your picnic blanket. Try to place your blanket in a location where you will get lots of exciting things in the background of your shot. If you’re going to have a picnic in your local park, maybe set the backdrop against some trees or a point of interest, ensuring you are including some of the best elements of nature in the pics! Trees and flowers are always going to make the image seem more colourful and attractive.

Step 2: Creating the perfect layout

Now it’s time to think about creating the ideal layout. You’ll want to make sure you can see the food on your picnic plates if you have prepared some dishes especially. Keep smaller items like our tumblers and picnic plates at the front of the image, and place larger products like our teapots slightly further back. If you’re going to use our dishes to display your sandwiches, fruit, and anything else you decide to take along to the picnic, put them in the middle. This should create layers and some points of focus. 

Step 3: Getting yourself into the shot

Lastly, you might want to work out the best way of getting yourself and any other picnic friends in the photos. Keep it natural and have the kids continue to play with their frisbee or games in the background while the adults position themselves next to the picnic blanket. Or why not try the “over-the-shoulder” selfie or a "flat-lay" that features you holding picnic plates, and then the blanket and everything else behind.

Now you have a few basic tips for styling your Instagram-worthy picnic photo using Falcon Enamelware; why not take a look at our online store and pick up all the items you need for your outdoor dining event. Have fun!

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