We are pleased to unveil Periwinkle Blue and Falcon Blue, available in our 3 Pint Jugs, Tumblers, and Mini Tumblers. Both new hues celebrate the traditional and modern tonal contrasts of the Falcon palette.

Our product range is made to mix and match with other materials in and around the kitchen but also together with other Falcon colours. The beauty is often in mixing our colours to match, or even contrast. Our new Periwinkle Blue for instance looks modern displayed with our Pigeon Grey and our new Falcon Blue creates a classic look with the White with Blue rim, but it also looks beautifully vivid when colour blocking against the Pillarbox Red.

Mix and match our new limited edition blues with other colour ways this season. The combination of the 3 Pint Jug, Tumblers and Mini Tumblers will also make for an ideal drinking set for the entire family to enjoy. The tall slender 3 Pint Jug is great for chilled drinks or a simple serving of water and don’t miss our Tumblers to match as well as the Mini Tumblers which are unique and fun for the youngsters.


Mini Tumblers

3 Pint Jug