This Summer we're focusing on great uses for some of our much-loved product including the Falcon Serving trays, Tumblers and 3 Pint Jugs, pictured above in our traditional ice white with Falcon blue rim. Why would someone be drawn back to these three key pieces time and time again? 

Potentially for their mix of both simple and modern features: they are timeless pieces that offer a variety of uses throughout the home. The Tumblers can be used for sharing herbal tea or your favourite cocktails (don't miss our favourite Sangria recipe below), keeping drinks both piping hot and ice cold, but they are also really handy for storing pens and pencils! 

The Serving Tray is a shallow dish that looks great styled with a few cacti, is handy for serving up your fish straight from BBQ to table, and ideal for balancing your tumblers and 3 pint jug for serving your cocktails to guests. 

The Falcon 3 Pint Jug is one of our most recently launched products and one we have been excited to reveal for a while because a jug has become such a modern necessity for every household, and not just for the kitchen. It is a great ornamental piece and looks beautiful with a fresh bunch of seasonal blooms due to it's tall and slender stature. It is also ideal for serving chilled water to the masses or mixing your Sangria ingredients quickly and easily.

Check out our secret simple recipe for Sangria below.... and don't forget your Falcon! 

Falcon's Summer Sangria

750ml red wine (cheap is fine, quality won't improve the Sangria)
400ml lemonade
300ml orange
Splash of rum
Orange segments
Peach slices
Cherries (de-seeded) 

Easy. Simply mix the the liquid and add the fruit and ice. Feel free to experiment with the fruit. This recipe will fill one of our 3 Pint Jugs so will keep four thirsty guests going for at least a couple of glasses.