No.56 is a magnificent homeware and clothing store in Penzance, Cornwall UK which has been open since 2013. Owner Carole Elsworth has a background in men’s and womenswear design and upon moving to Penzance could immediately see there was room for a general goods store selling the kind of stylish items she loves! We caught up with Carole in the midst of the Christmas rush to ask her a few questions about her shop and how she uses Falcon…

How would you describe the concept of your shop?

The store is a very personal collection of items that are, on the whole, both functional and beautiful – to give pleasure to the everyday. Mainly natural materials – we mix together beautiful linens, hand crafted pottery and baskets, wooden kitchenware and classic enamelware. 

What do you think makes a good product / design? 

For me, products need to be simple and feel comfortable in the hand – I don’t really like extra ornamentation or over design. Many of the items we stock are quite traditional in design, products that have stood the test of time and are ageless.

Is there a traditional or unique dish to Penzance or Cornwall that you would make using any of our Falcon products? 

At this time of year it would have to be Stargazey Pie!  A baked dish made on December 23rd in nearby Mousehole – pilchards and eggs in sauce, under a pastry crust. The heads and tails of the fish poke up through the pastry – a spectacular and tasty dish. Ideal for baking in your Falcon bake set

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in Penzance/Cornwall. 

There are so many good food places here now – but the one that I’m particularly excited about is the Jubilee Pool Café, at the recently renovated Art Deco lido here in Penzance.

Oona and the team are cooking fantastic food – the Sunday roasts are much talked about - and it all supports the upkeep of the lido. Great view too!

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