Are you stuck for something to buy your loved one this Christmas? We’ve got an idea for you! Invest in some Falcon Enamelware and the new and brilliant book by Remodelista: The Organized Home.

It’s the perfect hardback for inspiration in the home in 2018, filled with hundreds of simple, stylish and environmentally friendly tips for creating a tidy, inviting home; the Remodelista team makes it simple to solve a surprising array of storage challenges.

Our classic enameled tray, for example, is a truly stylish space-saver and can help you: 

1. Corral your house keys

2. Gather your kitchen sink-side essentials 

3. Organize your pantry shelf staples

4. Tidy your pet food bowls

5. Anchor your bathroom necessities 

(And you thought it was just a tray!)

For these and other unexpected tips that will transform the way you live, open Remodelista: The Organized Home