At Falcon, we believe everyone should be able to put together a beautiful yet functional picnic basket with ease. There are some essential picnic items that you should have, so you can carry and serve all your favourite picnic foods and drinks. Using your timeless dinner enamelware you'll have durable items that can survive the outdoors. Here are some of our very best tips for picking enamelware items that will work for your picnic. Grab a basket, bag or even a box and start filling it up with our picnic must-haves.

Tumblers for all sizes

Whether you're a lemonade fan or you want something a little stronger, tumblers for the whole family will give everyone a drink. Our full-sized tumblers are great for adults, while our mini tumblers are perfect for smaller hands. Our range of beautiful colours means you can choose your favourite  colour, or even mix and match your cups. If you want something to mix in and pour from too, how about an enamel jug?

When we're lucky enough to have warm weather and sunny days, it's important to stay hydrated and our tumblers offer the perfect solution for drinks at a picnic. 

Pack the dinner enamelware

Something to eat from is crucial for your perfect picnic! Having both plates and bowls will mean that you always have an appropriate item to use. Plates might be excellent for salad and sandwiches, but you'll want an enamel bowl for your strawberries and cream of course. For something in between, our deep plates are ideal. It's also useful to have our Prep Set of bowls, so you have dishes that you can use for serving. Put a salad in one and divide up some nibbles in the smaller bowls.

Don't forget utensils

If you want to avoid the mess then a few essential utensils are the ideal addition to your picnic basket. Our enamel utensils include a spoon, slotted spoon and ladle, which are fantastic for serving. Whether you've brought a crumble, a trifle or a couscous salad, you can keep everything neat with some durable utensils. Remember your forks, knives and spoons for eating too. Disposable cutlery might be handy, but it's better for the environment to have some that you can reuse - plus, they look a lot nicer! 

Get a little creative with a teapot

Why not turn your picnic into an afternoon tea? It's a little easier at home, where you have a kettle to boil water. An enamel teapot will fit perfectly into your picnic. If you're camping or have a gas stove, you could even make tea on the spot. But if a hot pot of tea is too impractical, teapots are fun for serving other drinks too. They're great for cold drinks, why not make a G&T or maybe ice tea if you would like a soft drink. 

Mop up with tea towels

Any picnic worth its salt includes a blanket to sit on, but you wouldn't want to ruin it by using it to mop up unwanted spills. Tea towels can save the day if you drop anything, as well as protect clothes and other things from stains. It could also be useful to have tea towels to put your food on, even if it's already in various containers, so that it doesn't have to take up space on your blanket. Use tea towels as napkins and bibs for particularly messy foods! Great for kids! 

Prepare your food

When you're thinking about what food to pack for your picnic, it's easy to simply buy a few things. But there's something much more enjoyable about a few homemade dishes. Your dinner enamelware is ideal for preparing your picnic food and can protect it until you're ready to eat. Use our baking dishes to make a pie, traybake cake, crumble, bread and butter pudding, or anything else that you can dream up. Enamel dishes are also excellent for carrying various foods, whether you choose to use them to make your food or not. Start packing your picnic basket using your dinner enamelware for an al fresco event this summer. Whether you have a romantic picnic for two or a family affair, putting a picnic together is one of the easiest ways to enjoy yourself in the sunshine.