Your enamel kitchenware is already useful for its primary purpose... being your best friend in the kitchen! From jugs for pouring anything from drinks to gravy, to big bowls for salads and food preparation, enamel can do a lot for you. But did you know there are some quirky ways some of our customers use their Falcon Enamelware collection. We wanted to highlight a few alternative uses to help make your Falcon go further. Using items in unexpected ways can be charming and quintessentially British too.

Turn a utensil pot into a vase

Have you ever had to look all over your home for a vase, and then resorted to using anything you can find for a surprise bouquet of flowers? Then you discover that, actually, your flowers look quite good in the random pot, bucket or even watering can. It doesn't just have to be a happy accident. You can choose to do this on purpose with some of your enamel kitchenware and give your flowers a rustic look. Our utensil pots are perfect for this, giving you the height and the width that you need for a bunch of flowers. For a slightly slimmer bouquet, you might also find that our 3-pint jug works out. Even an enamel mug can make a good place for some small blooms.

Drink cocktails out of tumblers

Cocktails served in their traditional glasses do look pretty. An Old Fashioned in a lowball glass or a Bloody Mary in a highball are pleasing to the eye. However, there's nothing in the rule book that says you have to stick to these conventions. Drinks are served in pretty much anything nowadays. You can drink a cocktail out of a teacup if you want to. If you're having a party, our enamel tumblers make excellent vessels for cocktails. With a 310ml capacity, they're the perfect size for cocktails, and the colourful rim is perfect for a garnish of your choice.

Stand your herbs in a sturdy sauce dish

Growing herbs in your kitchen is a fantastic way to do some indoor gardening. They're perfectly at home on a window ledge! As well as the pot you'll also need your tray... we suggest a sturdy sauce dish to act as a tray for each of your herb plant pots. It's just what you need to prevent soil from getting on your kitchen surfaces and to contain any water or other moisture from your plants. In fact, to avoid overwatering your herbs, it's a good idea to put some water in the sauce dish and allow the plant's roots to suck up whatever it needs. Our enamel kitchenware sauce dishes come in two sizes - 10cm and 14cm - so you can choose which ones are the right size for wherever you want to put them. They come in a choice of colours for the rim so you can brighten up your herbs too.

Organise your herbs and spices with a serving tray

Fresh herbs are lovely, but you can't grow everything yourself. You need dry herbs and spices too, and it's easy to gather quite the collection. For a contemporary idea that also has a touch of tradition about it, a serving tray can be an excellent place to put everything. It allows you to have all your herbs and spices easily accessible, but without leaving them to kick around on every available surface. Our durable and stylish serving tray is a large 28cm by 22cm. Its 3.5cm depth ensures that everything is kept on it neatly, with no sliding around or getting knocked off.

Use our entire range in the office

Falcon is perfect desk side too. The majority of the Falcon enamelware collection will work for storing stationery and keeping the office neat and tidy, as well as colourful. For instance, our mini tumblers are brilliant for storing elastic bands, paper clips and all the little stationery that can so often be seen as unwanted because they are difficult to store. Our tumblers are great for storing pens and pencils, and our serving trays are ideal for holding paper and important documents. 

Get creative and think of some unusual ways to use your enamel kitchenware if you want to make your home beautiful. Enamel kitchenware is both pretty and practical, with many different uses.