We love the idea of a relaxing meet-up with friends for some afternoon tea! If you can make time for it…

Afternoon tea is the ideal time to catch up with friends, neighbors or co-workers. It’s time during the day to freshen up, rehydrate and have a snack to help you get through the day… or it can of course be used for special occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to relax in the afternoon with your friends, here’s a quick and simple guide on how to create the ultimate vintage tea party with Falcon.


Pick a theme or setting

A great host knows how to tie a special occasion with a vintage afternoon tea party. It doesn’t need to be something that happens annually– it could just be to celebrate good weather. An outdoor vintage tea party is fantastic during the summer because it’s going to be warm, relaxing and a great excuse to get outside if the weather is on side.

Holding it indoors is just as fine- the trick is to pick a theme and stick with it! Brainstorm a couple of ideas (ask friends and family if needed!) and try to pick decorations that go well with it. Another great reason to have your vintage afternoon tea party outside is that you don’t need to set many decorations. You can get some flower pots and place them around, or you could just let your garden do all of the talking!

If you do plan your vintage tea party as part of a special occasion, then things like balloons, bunting, perhaps even presents and a special cake would help to make the occasion that extra bit special.

Set out vintage kitchenware

Nothing says “vintage” like enamel dinnerware. Take a look at this Vintage Enamel Teapot that comes in five different colours. It screams “vintage style” and will make the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your tableware. They’re easy to clean, they’re durable and they’re perfect for the outdoors.

Enamelware is a fantastic alternative to typical china tea sets because they’re less prone to damage and breaking. If you plan to have lots of guests or will be taking your afternoon tea party outdoors, then we would definitely recommend a set of enamel dinnerware for your afternoon tea party. It’s much safer to use china indoors because it’s usually more organized.

If you want a more colourful alternative, then you could always bring out the vintage tea set that you’ve been keeping for a special occasion to mix alongside your Falcon. They’ll be excellent together for truly marking a special occasion and uplifting the entire vintage tea party experience! If you have vintage tea plates to mix and match with the Falcon 24cm Plates for serving food, then it’ll add to the experience even more!

Don’t forget the food!

There is such a diverse range of teas now available to buy from any local supermarket so the next thing to remember is food. Afternoon tea can usually include pastries, cupcakes and sandwiches, but we find that the quintessential vintage tea party snack is the versatile cupcake.

Cupcakes can be designed with lots of different styles and colours, making them perfect for a vintage afternoon tea party. Consider using colourful cake cups as well to make them stand out, and use a cupcake stand to present them to your guests. If you decide to use a coloured stand, then try and compliment the colours with your cupcakes or the cups you use to keep them in. Otherwise there are metal cupcake stands that won’t stand out as much but are great to be able to reuse.

Matching flowers and table decorations

We’ve already briefly mentioned having plants as decorations, but if you’ve got a fairly large table and want to add table decorations, then why not try some tonal pastel flowers. These don’t even need to be real- you can often pick up some beautiful fake flower bouquets at your local florist! Why not try laying them on the table. A clean white tablecloth underneath helps contrast with the colours and pastel colours give a fantastic vintage feel which will be sure to enhance any vintage afternoon tea party!