03 June 18

Our friends at deVOL are famous for simple furniture, beautifully made. Their showroom in the historic St. John’s Square in London is just around the corner from us and we’re delighted to have Falcon product feature in our Coal Black and Samphire colourways in their natural and textural new Sebastian Cox Kitchen. We caught up with Sebastian and his team last month to find out a bit more about the partnership and to find out how they might use Falcon in the Cox household…
Can you tell us about Sebastian Cox Ltd?
Sebastian Cox Ltd is a design studio and workshop in SE London. We make our own collections of furniture and design installations and spaces for brands and retailers. We work exclusively with British hardwoods, following the mantra traditional as radical using modern technology and material innovation to add something new to traditional crafts and means of making.
We love the Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL. How did the partnership come about? 
We try our hardest to show the world how beautiful, yet often underrated, British wood is. We want people to know and love our native wood and see that there is more than oak or ash available. British beech is a wood which used to be prolific in kitchen design, particularly in pieces like butchers blocks, but has fallen out of favour lately. We wanted to design something which put this abundant wood back into the kitchen. deVOL are the experts when it comes to beautiful kitchens made in England and loved our ethos and thinking, so they were the perfect partners for this beech crusade. Together we were able to find the perfect mix of form and function. They helped us to bring our vision to life in the very best way.

What do you think makes a good product/design?
Sustainability is an easy answer but isn’t always so easy to put into practice. Aside from this we love design which is understandable. There is a huge amount of joy to be gained in understanding what materials something is made of and how it is put together, or made.

Is there a specific dish that you would make using any of our Falcon products? Can you also share the recipe?
I love France and the indulgence and simplicity of french cooking. A Falcon baking dish in our house would almost definitely be used to make tartiflette. This is a dish made of layers of sliced potato, lardons and onions cooked in creamy stock and topped with a melting block of Reblochon. If you can serve sausages on the side, even better. Greedy, simple and delicious.

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink and get inspired in London? 
Italian cuisine is another of our great loves and we only recently discovered Rotorino on Kingsland Road, from chef Stevie Parle. This restaurant is all about British ingredients prepared with southern Italian flair. We really really enjoy our dinner there. We live in Deptford and there’s no doubt that it’s a rapidly evolving part of town. There are more and more places to enjoy good coffee, food and cocktails in Deptford. Go now, while it still has most of it’s heart intact.