Last month our friends at Faye Toogood exhibited at London Fashion Week. They’re a very talented duo of designers and actually sisters… ‘One a tinker, the other a tailor’. One of the inspirations behind their Autumn/Winter collection was an eighteenth century English Mochaware Mug and so we were delighted to bring that to life for their guests and be a part of the show. Over 300 guests were served lime blossom with honey tea in the Falcon pigeon grey mugs…

Can you tell us about Toogood? When did it start?

Toogood was launched in 2013 by Faye Toogood with her sister Erica Toogood, one a tinker, the other a tailor. They approach fashion design obliquely, working with architects, product designers and painters to create hardwearing pieces that are both practical and sculptural. Toogood is a unisex brand worn by many ages- old and young and all the clothing handmade in London. Sewn inside each garment is an identification document which traces its manufacture by crediting the designers and makers in turn, with a space for the new owners name to be added in, encouraging a sense of connection to the chain of creation.

How would you describe the concept of Faye Toogood?

Faye Toogood wants to blur the boundaries between fashion, art and design through by working on projects that range from interiors and spaces through to object and clothes. 

What do you think makes a good product/design?

For us, it’s an authenticity - to find the craftspeople who excel in their areas, and to work with them on creating beautiful pieces that have a practical element.

How did your show for LFW go this season? 

It was wonderful for us to open up our own space and to welcome people in; it was a lovely moment for people to stop and take their time, and to see our collection in the context of our working environment.