Le Petit Jardin is based in Kent, they opened their shop in 2004 after the frustration of not being able to find beautiful and practical wares for their little Victorian house and garden in Tunbridge Wells. Lots of trial, error and years later they have become a destination store for those beautiful and practical items they were always yearning for. Founder, Penny Brook spoke to us last month…

How would you describe the concept of Le Petit Jardin?

We enjoy sourcing good quality products from people who share our passion for classic simple design, made well; with Falcon being a perfect example of this (we were very excited to become a stockist).  We aim to buy products that are made by specialists in their field, it would be very easy to stock a shop of our size from a couple of suppliers who do a bit of everything, but this is certainly not our approach.  For example, our beeswax candles are dipped in the traditional methods in the north of England and our gardening gloves our manufactured by a tannery in the West Country.  This aim runs through our sourcing for products and we also endeavour to buy ethical goods, including fair trade baskets from a cooperative in Bangladesh and glass drops still being made in Syria.

What do you think makes a good product/design?

It has to be stylish and practical.  Useful and long lasting, not landfill in waiting.  We like to say ‘needful’ it’s our word!

Is there a specific dish that you would make using any of our Falcon products? 

I love Middle Eastern cuisine and one of my best Christmas pressies last year was the charity cookbook ‘Cook for Syria’ cookforsyria.com The small Falcon bowl lends itself perfectly to an array of mezze type dishes and the pop of colour from the red bowl picks up on the scattering of pomegranate seeds that adorn dishes like muhammara.

Is there a specific plant you might pot in a Falcon tumbler and why? 

Easy, a nodding snowdrop – the promise of an entire year in a small white flower (I’d use a black tumbler and top the soil with moss)

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in Tunbridge Wells?  

Goodness, for town centre eating Juliet’s is a must (if you can get in)!  On the High Street, a stone’s throw from the shop and packed with delicious salads and homemade cakes (julietsandmore.com)

For a Sunday destination, it has to the ‘The Beacon’, (the-beacon.co.uk) a country pub that has been transformed by Pete and Viv and their fantastic team.  Great food, local wines, amazing views from the terrace and super cosy fires. It just keeps on winning awards…….

Our neighbour at ‘Chapel Place’ runs a friendly little bar, full of fun and gin!! 103 at the last count – hic - (they also serve their snacks in Falcon tumblers).