As our daydreams of long Summer nights become a constant and the days getting longer become a reality with the clocks changing in the UK this month, we have decided to interview a Falcon stockist based in sunny California, they’re called Alchemy Works. Read on for interiors inspiration and quirky ideas for how to use your Falcon in the home…

Can you tell us about Alchemy Works? 

We opened in Nov 2013 in the Arts District of LA, which at the time was only one restaurant and my husbands brand store called Apolis. He (Raan) and I (Lindsay) own and curate the shop together, which usually consists of items from brands globally, many of which are not otherwise represented in the US or west coast. The store came about out of a desire to shop in a place we couldnt personally find ourselves and also the desire to give space to many brands we thought should be more well known. 

How would you describe the concept of your shop?

We are a speciality womens and home store with a vintage car (always for sale!) in the middle of the space and also a gallery component that changes every 8 weeks. It echoes the golden era of California with a salt water aesthetic but items can be either new collections or found/vintage as well.  

What do you think makes a good product / design? 

Something that has a unique solve for a daily task or makes your space feel more welcoming and beautiful. Function and design have to go hand in hand but also now I think the manufacturing and brand story plays an important role as well.  

Is there a traditional or unique dish to California that you would make using any of our Falcon products? Can you also share the recipe?

Hmmm I am not a good cook (ha!) so maybe keep it easy and do a killer cheese platter on a Falcon tray, with fresh berries, dried fruits, nuts, herbs, honey and all locally sourced cheese :)  

Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in California.

We live in between a lot of good food but I would start the day at Bondi Harvest - a local breakfast place with delicious acai bowls and a serious cappuccino. For lunch a favorite is Loqui, perhaps the best taco you will find in LA which is a hard claim to make but its our favorite. And dinner would be a the acclaimed Farm Shop, where they source everything from CA, including the full wine menu and every dish is drool worthy!