You can make a difference this time of year by managing leftover food sustainably and reducing your waste. It’s all about making space in your freezer, checking cupboards before going out to the shops again, and dropping food off to neighbours. Use leftovers for new recipes, get creative in the kitchen by researching something tasty to create with what’s left.

Try your classic turkey sandwich, bubble and squeak, curry or a Christmas vegetable soup. A couple of other inspiring ideas we’ll be trying include: Mince Pie ice cream, Brussel Sprout Taco or Cabbage and Bacon Pappardelle. We’d also recommend researching a recipe or two from Anna Jones who is so creative with her vegetables, like these Smoky Carrot Toasts, delicious and fuss-free when getting friends and family together for New Year’s Eve. If you’re looking for something indulgent use your leftover smoked salmon in this delicious recipe for an impressive Smoked Salmon Terrine.



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This is a winter warming recipe that will nourish your body from the inside out. It’s simple to make and bursting with flavourful, nutritious ingredients. Sometimes known as golden milk, add this recipe for

Zeena Shah has always loved making things and remembers sewing and crafting with her mum from a young age. Her new book, Marbling, includes projects, design ideas and techniques for a more colourful life.