Zeena Shah has always loved making things and remembers sewing and crafting with her mum from a young age. Her new book, Marbling, includes projects, design ideas and techniques for a more colourful life. Including a collection of 20 projects from dyeing postcards and envelopes to scrunchies, picture frames and a patchwork cushion, as well as a section on seasonal projects including Christmas baubles - this book covers everything you need to know to marble, and involves a lot of Falcon in the process. We recently spoke to Zeena about the book and how important colour is to her everyday life.

Can you tell us a bit about you and your background?
I studied textile design at Chelsea school of art and discovered a passion for surface pattern design. It was there that I really honed my eye for colour and design. My career has been very organic and I've been lucky enough to make a living doing what I love and being creative.

How important is colour to you and your everyday life?
It is becoming more and more important as colour is such a simple yet powerful thing. Colour can lift your mood and that of those around you in an instant and I love being able to spread joy and positivity through it. Life's too short not to have fun with colour.

What can we expect from your newly launched book, Marbling?
It's a feast for the eyes and will inspire your colour and creative confidence with 20 projects to Marble! From nail art to upcycling jars destined for the recycling bin into beautiful vases for your tablescape there's a project for everyone and it's the perfect craft to bring more colour into your life.

How do you use your Falcon when marbling?
I've used Falcon for as long as I can remember in my creative practice, they are the most useful and beautiful bowls, dishes and trays. I remember looking for a deep dish that would fit a sheet of A4 paper inside that wasn't too heavy, plastic or super ugly so falcon was the obvious choice. As the trays are white it makes a great vessel for Marbling as you can see the colours of the inks really brilliantly within the dish. I am a big fan of them for cooking too but keep a separate special set just for Marbling. I love using the tumblers and cups for pencils, paint brushes and tools as well as for mixing my inks inside, I'm always trying to use less plastic and find reusable products for my work so they are perfect, plus they come in such pretty colours I can style them within my content too.

What objects are you enjoying marbling at the moment?
It's officially Christmas crafting season so it's definitely anything with a festive feel.
Each year I marble baubles for friends and family that can be hung on the tree or displayed around the home. It's become a bit of a tradition, they're all going to have quite a collection one day. I also love making and sending christmas cards and mine are definitely going to be marbled this year.
What are you personally looking forward to most about us coming into the colder months?
There's something really comforting about this time of year, it's time to get cosy, enjoy evenings in at home and above all it's craft season. The jumper I still haven't quite finished knitting gets its moment. I also love cooking really comforting and warming dishes at this time of year so there will be lots of curries, soups and stews on the dinner table round ours at this time of year.

Can you describe and give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in your local neighbourhood?
One of the reasons my husband and I love living in Hackney so much is because everything is on our doorstep, we're very spoiled with incredible independent boutiques, eateries and grocery stores within a 15 minute walk. It's ever changing too and there are some wonderful bars and restaurants that have become firm faves. Definitely head to Violet Bakery for coffee and the best cakes in town, P Franco or Hectors for a truly unique and delicious glass of wine and nibbles, Elliots is a favourite for dinner and bookmark Ozone for brunch.

Photography: Kristin Perers
Art Director, Stylist and Author of Marbling: Zeena Shah
Purchase Marbling here.


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