Homemade gifts are always the most heartfelt. This year Falcon Enamelware brings to you three fabulous homemade gifting ideas to help you celebrate Christmas with loved ones in a stylish, sincere and more affordable way.


Falcon products, useful
for this recipe

•​​ Falcon Bake Set

•​​ Falcon Serving Trays

•​​ Falcon Prep Set

•​​ Falcon 9½" Plates for serving

•​​ Stack of Falcon Side plates for gifting.




• 1.8oz butter, salted

• 1.8oz golden syrup
• 1.8oz plain flour
• 1.8oz light muscovado sugar
• 1.8oz glacé cherries
• 2.6oz flaked almonds
• 1.8oz pistachios
• 6oz dark chocolate
• 2 oranges

Preheat your oven to 350F/320F Fan/Gas 4 and line two large pans from our enamelware Bake Set or Serving Trays with parchment paper.

Add the butter, golden syrup and sugar to a saucepan and melt together over a low heat. Once the ingredients are fully combined remove the pan from the heat.

Next, whisk the flour into the pan. Then add the chopped cherries, flaked almonds, chopped pistachios and the zest of both oranges to the pan and combine.

Divide the mixture into 10 balls and flatten each ball onto the baking or serving trays. The Florentines will spread as they are cooked so be sure to leave large spaces between each ball.

Bake the Florentines in the oven for 10 minutes or until they turn golden. Remove from the oven and leave until completely cool on a wire rack.
Use a small bowl from our 6-piece Prep Set to melt the dark chocolate over a simmering pan of water. Remove the bowl from the heat as soon as the chocolate has completely melted.
Flip the Florentines over and spread a thin layer of chocolate gently on the bottom of each one.
Once the chocolate has started to harden, use a fork to create a wave design in the chocolate. Then leave to cool until the chocolate has fully set.
Store in an airtight container until you are ready to serve. We love to serve on one of our Pillarbox Red 9½” Plates on Christmas eve with a glass of mulled wine.



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