Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude. It is also a time to feast on delicious seasonal produce, as it historically was a day to celebrate the year’s harvest and looking to the year ahead.

Morgan from The White Farmhouse Blog lives with her family on a working farm in Michigan, USA. Read on to hear how she hopes to celebrate Thanksgiving with new traditions and secret family recipes, and find out her recommendations on putting your Falcon to good use this holiday season.

Can you tell us a bit about you and family life on the farm?

I grew up on a beef cattle farm. We had everything from chickens and pigs to horses, donkeys, ducks, quails, rabbits and so much more. My husband grew up just around the corner as his family have a cash crop and beef cattle farm.

It’s funny how life works out sometimes, we ended up marrying and buying his grandparents farmhouse between the two family farms. We have worked so hard the past few years tearing down rotting fences and building anew. We built new barns for our chickens, goats, and a jersey calf named Gunther, we even dug a trench to be able to supply water to the barns.

I finally feel so much more settled after years of demolishing, salvaging what we could and re- building… we now have our family home.


Can you describe Michigan in three words?

Michigan in three words- dark, dreary, and cold. Just kidding... I’m a bit bitter from these last few weeks of snow and rain! I’d say unpredictable, yet still beautiful and breathtaking.


How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

This year for Thanksgiving we would love to start some traditions of our own with our two little boys. I hope to make a few family secret recipes and have our home filled with family and friends.


How do you use Falcon at home?

Falcon enamelware is a family favorite around here. My love for enamel began with my mother who collected it. I have slowly added beloved pieces such as the Falcon Prep Set and Bake Set as they were the only things on my Christmas list the last two years!


My boys have fallen in love too, and ask for their “special cup” at dinner time. This year I added the Deep Plates to our dinner set, and the hubby loves being able to push his food to the side to help shovel it in!


Is there a specific Thanksgiving dish that you would make using any of our Falcon products?

I highly recommend any mixing, prepping, or baking with the Prep Set and Bake Set. Hands down those two sets I could not live without… I’m pretty sure you can make every meal with just those. I love to make pumpkin bread with the Prep Set at this time of year. And serve up a delicious Turkey Chilli in the Deep Plates, with a Fall-inspired salad using the new Salad Bowls.


Do you have any unusual food combinations you can recommend?

Well, last night we had a hearty Chicken Pot Pie and a 7-layer taco dip with tortilla chips, I’m not sure I would recommend the two together but we were all so hungry.


Is there anywhere you love to shop or eat in your local area?

Being that we live in the country, I have to drive a while to access the nearest store so we usually stick to eating at home, on the farm. I truly value eating well and being together as a family for every meal. I have learned to really plan our meals and make sure I make the trip to our local town worthwhile, as running out of milk really puts a damper on my day. The more thought I put into what we eat, and time into planning each meal, the more special it is as we have time to truly bond.


Mustard Yellow 3 Pint Jug

Pigeon Grey 4¾" Bowls

Pigeon Grey Deep Plates


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