Our passion for baking has really exploded in the last ten years or so, thanks to a number of factors - from the Great British Bake Off, to the slow food movement and our rediscovered passion for crafts and DIY – all these things have seen us picking up our aprons and oven gloves with intent again.

Anyone who begins to bake will start off with a couple of essential items, like the essential mixing bowl and wooden spoon! Whether you enjoy making cakes and biscuits, or pies and bread, you won't get far without some solid and reliable cook and bakeware.

And it doesn't hurt if it looks beautiful too! These are our five must-have items from Falcon Enamelware to consider and collect before you get busy with your next baking session.

Utensil Pot

Baking requires a host of tools and utensils. Mixing spoons, measuring spoons, palette knives, whisks, spatulas - and anything else you can think of - are all useful in one way or another. You'll always need to reach for something, whether you're beating, folding, whisking or piping.

There are several ways that you can store all of these essential utensils, from hanging them on hooks to tossing them in a drawer. But if you always want to have everything to hand, a sturdy utensil pot is all you need. Our quality enamel Utensil Pots come in five different colours to match the colour scheme of your kitchen. And at 16.5cm in height, there's plenty of storage space in each one for your most important baking tools.

Enamel Baking Bowls

Some bakers like to do everything as they go along, judging their measuring independently or from memory. Others prefer to set all their ingredients out before they get started, so that they're ready to go. If you're the type to carefully weigh everything before you begin, our set of four enamel Baking Bowls are just what you’ll need.

They're not just for holding ingredients before you start baking, though. They're also ideal for baking summer puddings, creating perfect single-portion pies or just serving up a delicious side dish with your latest bake. Available in a classic white with blue rim, or in three other colour choices, these bowls will earn their place in any kitchen.

Pint Jug

Our Pint Jugs come in one, two or three-pint sizes and are ideal for both baking preparation and for serving too. Have a jug of milk, water or any other essential liquid handy while you're baking and you'll always be able to get your recipes moistened right. And when you're not baking, these useful and beautiful jugs look excellent on your table too. Use them to pour whatever you want over your food, whether it's gravy over a pie, or custard over a warm apple tart. With two sizes available, you can make sure to have something to serve everything. The enamel is safe to use on hobs, so you can even heat up your sauces directly in the jug, and it's freezer-safe too.

Enamel Pie Dishes

Baking isn't all about French fancies and biscotti, as any baking fan will know. Savoury delights make up a huge part of baking too and pies are one of the things that we Brits do best. From steak and kidney, to fish and shepherd's pies; we love pies and puddings in all their tasty forms. A set of solid Pie Dishes is a vital piece of kit for any baker, which is why our enamel pie dishes are a must-have. These pie dishes can also go directly into the fridge or freezer to keep your leftovers fresh or help you prepare some meals in advance. Our enamel Pie Dishes & Tea Towel Gift Set comes with four 20cm pie dishes, and even includes a tea towel and an exclusive screen-printed branded canvas tote bag. 

Enamel Bake Set

If you're looking for the ultimate in baking cookware, our enamel Baking Set of five pieces will ensure you're ready for anything. The set includes two 20cm pie dishes, plus three different sized bake pans. Whether you want to cook a lasagna or prepare your Christmas turkey, there's a dish in this set that's the perfect fit. This set is also ideal if you're cooking a huge feast, giving you all that you need to bake and serve a variety of dishes at the same time. Choose from white with a blue rim, Pillarbox Red, Pigeon Grey or try Coal Black for a stylish baking set that looks fantastic in your kitchen and on your table.

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