We collaborated with the brilliant YBFs (Young British Foodie) Awards earlier this year who were celebrating up-and-coming talent across food and drink in the UK. YBFs was started by three incredible women; friends Amy Thorne, founder of Taste PR, food journalist Chloe Scott-Moncrief, and Lily Jones (aka the London baker Lily Vanilli).

We partnered with them because we simply love what they do and stand for; their ethos in helping to nurture and support young talent is something to be admired. 

Guests at the award's ceremony enjoyed YBFs delicious Tanqueray cocktails in Falcon tumblers in the new samphire colourway, with all the ingredients foraged from a garden! Check out the recipe below... perfect for your Saturday night in! 

Into The Woods

40ml Tanqueray
10ml Lindesfarm Mead 
15ml Yarrow Syrup 
15ml Lemon 
Dash Mugwort tincture 
Top with Splash of soda 
Add all ingredients to glass, add cubed ice, give a quick stir - top with soda 
Garnish with dried yarrow / or similar