We’re thrilled to team up with Isabelle from The Balcony Gardener this Spring. Check out Isabelle’s exclusive step-by-step guide on ‘How to plant Cacti Falcon planters’ here.

Follow this step-by-step guide... 

What you will need 

4 falcon tumblers in selection of sizes

4 small cacti selection. I used

Cacti compost

Small grit

small pebbles to top

Piece of paper to handle cacti

Step 1. 

Place some of the small grit in the bottom of the tumbler, roughly about 2cm. (this is for drainage if you overwater.) then put another 2cm of compost over the top

 Step 2. 

Fold up a piece of paper into a long rectangle. Use this to pick up your cacti from the head and place it in the tumbler. This will protect you from their spines.

Step 3.

Fill in any of the gaps at the sides with cacti compost.

Step 4. 

Cover the bare compost with the small pebbles to finish off the look.

Step 5. 

Use a brush to remove any of the compost form the spines of the cacti.

Step 6.