We are thrilled to share a step by step guide on how to arrange your bouquet in your Falcon at home, from Bloom & Wild’s Floral Stylist Amelia Christoffers…

Step 1: Condition your stems

“Flowers require a little TLC before you pop them in a vase. Firstly, remove any leaves that may fall below the waterline, otherwise they’ll decompose in your vase and compromise the longevity of your bouquet. Next (and most importantly), cut your stems at an angle (removing 3-5cm). This re-opens the drinking pores and gives surface area for your stems to drink up.

AMELIA’S TOP TIP: “Cut your stems to different heights. Make some short while leaving some statement stems (like craspedia and ranunculus) a little longer, so they really stand out and you can appreciate the beauty and pop of colour they bring.”

Step 2: Choose your vase wisely

“Choose a vase that will support your stems. I recommend using Falcon’s Enamelware 3pt Jug. It’s literally a dream to work with. Fill it with tepid water and flower food.”

AMELIA’S TOP TIP: “You can cheat your way to a fuller-looking display by building a grid formation out of clear tape over the mouth of your vase and then arranging your blooms into the gaps.”

Step 3: Arrange your bouquet

“Criss-cross your greenery in an X shape to create a foliage framework that’ll give your flowers a sturdy base to rest on. Next, criss-cross your flowers in between the gaps” 

AMELIA’S TOP TIP: “Create a front with real impact and fullness by styling your stems from this angle only and sit it on a side table or counter against the wall.”

Photography by Ruth Ward