Coffeewerk + Press, founded in 2015 showcases the overlap between Irish and International design and art while exploring the world of specialty coffee. Housed in a beautiful four-hundred-year old building on the west coast of Ireland. They believe the future of good business lies in conscientious trade with an adherence to social and environmental awareness...
Can you tell us about Coffeewerk & Press?
Coffee is sourced from a variety of International based roasters who exemplify ethical business practices. Alongside the coffee we work with a variety of design houses throughout the world bringing their unique style and products to the west of Ireland. The antithesis of mass production many of these designers produce hand crafted products; supporting local economies and ensuring high quality results that appeal to the physical and aesthetic. We have also just launched a small art publishing company Artwerk Press. Artwerk Press work with a diverse community of artists, both locally and internationally. Each of our artists possess a very unique style and body of work. We are passionate about curating and producing distinctive piece which resonate with us and hopefully a larger audience. Our appreciation for storytelling is reflected in our collection. Our environment, the West coast of Ireland is a constant inspiration.
How would you describe the concept?
We are a three tear concept - our ground floor we welcome our customers with a thoughtfully brewed cup of coffee, our first floor houses functional authentic design pieces from around the world, our 2nd floor flooded with light houses our gallery where we showcase art from many of the artists we work with as part of Artwerk Press.
What do you think makes a good product/design?
I think good design is all about simplicity and function, this in my opinion is really difficult to achieve as designers can not hide behind complexity.
Is there a specific dish that you would make using any of our Falcon products? Can you also share the recipe?
We use the Falcon tumblers and espresso cups daily for coffee tastings!
Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in Galway Ireland?
Galway has seen a real evolution in food throughout the last ten years and we now have an amazing food culture with a real connect between local producers and restaurants. These would include: Ard Bia, Kai, Loam, Anair, Cava, Murphy's ice cream, Universal, Bier Haus as well as our iconic Saturday farmers market.
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