We like to consider the reusability of a product. At Falcon, we believe that a product is more likely to last forever if it is malleable and has multiple uses. Falcon has many timeless qualities; it can assume brilliant, long-lasting colours, it cannot burn and if you drop it, it may chip but it won’t break. Each product can also be used in multiple situations within the kitchen (baking, preparing, serving, drinking) as well as places around the home. Check out our ideas for the Falcon Tumbler to start.

1. Bake a dessert in your tumbler

It may still be in the kitchen but have you ever considered baking in your tumbler? Why not try baking your favourite dessert for your guests in the individual tumblers... we'll be trying mini lemon curd puddings and individual strawberry sponge puddings. Delicious and perfect for the cooler months looming. 

2. Pot a plant in your tumbler

The tumbler is the perfect size for potting mini cacti that are all the rage at the moment. The tumbler will keep the the cacti at the perfect temperate and will bring a pop of colour. 

3. Use your tumbler in the bathroom

The tumbler is the perfect size to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste and enamel really compliments a bathroom tile. The tumbler is also really easy to wipe down and clean. 

4. Hold your stationery in your tumbler

Why not use it for holding your paint brushes or pens and pencils in the office. You could be really organized and orderly by having different stationery equipment in different coloured tumblers. 

5. Use your tumbler as an ornament

The tumbler does also look good on its own on a shelf- adding texture to your mix of ornaments. We find our new samphire green colourway and coal black to be particularly popular as they're modern and that bit more standout. 

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Image courtesy of Tribe and Us. Visit their blog for inspiring ideas for the home and family, and read their writeup on Falcon Enamelware here.