Your Falcon Enamelware is generally low maintenance, which is why we all love it. 

So here are some top tips for spring cleaning your beloved Falcon Enamelware; keeping it in long-lasting shape and in case you come across any issues with stains. 

      1. Believe it or not, a feather duster followed by a microfiber cloth smoothed across your Falcon Enamelware goes a long way! 
      2. If there are any signs of teas past or any other stains on your Falcon Enamelware mugs, a little bit of lemon juice should do the trick. 
      3. If things are looking a bit more caked-on, then try soaking your Falcon Enamelware with one part white wine vinegar and two parts water overnight.
      4. FYI if you are set for a heavy bake-off, coating your pans in a light layer of oil before cooking can help make cleaning easier afterwards.
      5. Finally forget not that all Falcon Enamelware is entirely dishwasher proof but sometimes it might need that extra helping hand with a scratch-proof sponge or brush pre or post wash.