I'm Hollie of Hollie Berries, a florist and flower grower living in Aberdeenshire where my husband and I are renovating an old cottage that we purchased this year. The cottage, adjacent stable and garden are in need of a full renovation to restore them to their former glory which we are currently getting started on. The Victorian stable has already become my flower workspace, for me to condition and arrange my homegrown flowers for local deliveries and installation projects. Sustainability is at the heart of my flower business with all materials being grown without the use of any pesticides and with no plastics in my packaging or arrangements, my style reflecting the wilds of Scotland with a wild, natural feel.

Even though the old stable needs both external and internal restoration work, I've already moved in and have been busy creating lots of winter wreaths on the big wooden workbench. There's still dust, cobwebs and damp, but I adore it! We have plans to repair and restore it next summer and as the winter rolls in we have quickly realised that we are certainly going to need a woodburning stove too! Until that day though, I have been keeping cosy throughout the season with pots of tea from my beautiful enamelware in the gorgeous colour Samphire, accompanied with home baked cakes full of berries from the garden.
All Summer long I've been harvesting flowers for drying from my cutting garden, and now as the hanging racks are full I've been adding the dried materials to my homemade wreaths. Things like Teasels and Lunaria, both grown from seed, are excellent for using throughout the winter in wreaths and arrangements. Perennial flowers like Crocosmia and Solidago are also some of my favourites that dry beautifully.

Falcon enamel is a brand that is such a staple in our home. Between being out in the cutting garden harvesting materials to busy days in the workshop, these are mugs and utensils that we use daily and are an integral part of our lifestyle. From hilltop hot chocolates on winter walks to pots of tea fueling renovations, our enamelware has seen it all over the years. Our treasured pieces make our renovation project instantly feel like home even though we have a long road ahead to get it there!


White with Blue Rim Utensil Pot

Samphire Green Serving Tray

White with Blue Rim Teapot


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