Xanthe Ross (nee Gladstone) has recently moved back to London from North Wales where she immersed herself in nature and the seasons for many years as a chef and organic vegetable grower. She hosts supper clubs throughout the UK and often uses Falcon, for colouring her tables and presenting a delicious dish or two. Get to know her.

Can you tell us a bit more about you and your setup in North Wales?
I moved home to Wales six years ago after moving to London for a year post university. I moved as I was craving something different to what London offered me at that time, which was a slower pace and more connection to nature. I learnt to grow my own food, got chickens, and generally lived more closely with the seasons. Although I am now making the move back to London, I still hold it at the heart of what I do, the values that I have learnt while living in Wales.

Did you enjoy cooking when you were growing up?
I enjoyed baking, I loved the process of it and the methodological aspect of it made me calm down as I was quite a feral child. I loved eating and meal times growing up, but wasn’t really interested in cooking until I was a teenager.

What do you love most about Falcon in and around your kitchen?
I love that Falcon ages so well. I love that it’s kind of indestructible and kind of looks better the longer you use it for. I absolutely love the coloured tumblers and they have really been at the centre of giving an identity to my supper clubs this year.
What are your favourite vegetables to cook with in Winter?
I love leaning into onions in the winter, I think they are such an underrated vegetable that can actually be used in so many different ways. I also like cooking mushrooms, which I use pretty much every day.
Are there any local companies you'd like to shoutabout? Where do you usually eat, drink, and source ingredients in your local area?
Ooh I love this question! In London I’m currently living just off Holloway Road and I love Provisions for wine and cheese, Jolene for croissants and coffee, and Harvest for ingredients.
Photography: Valentina Concordia



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