Schoolhouse is a longstanding stockist of Falcon. Their inspiration is to ‘want better, not more’, where they have an innate affection for pieces with a past from different eras with alternative styles. So much of their ethos rings true to us as a brand at Falcon.

They are proud to have a family focus, putting people and their local community first. Be sure to visit their distinct spaces in two unique locations: their West Coast factory building and headquarters is in Portland where they have secret spots and lounge areas. They also have a new East Coast location: a retail space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is a former police bureau known as The Detective Building.

We spoke to the team behind Schoolhouse to tell us more about how it all began.


F. Can you tell us about Schoolhouse?
S. Founded by local design visionary Brian Faherty, Schoolhouse is dedicated to the preservation of American manufacturing, thoughtful living and purposeful design. Our mission is to provide a new generation of heirlooms that inspire people to create their own unique, meaningful spaces. From handcrafted lighting to clocks, furniture, soft goods and homewares, many of Schoolhouse's products are designed, prototyped, assembled, sewn, hand-painted and hand-finished within the walls of our brick warehouse in Portland, Oregon. There aren’t many companies who are willing or able to keep virtually every process of its business in-house, but inside Schoolhouse we embrace those challenges every day.

F. What made you decide to open your own shop?
S. Schoolhouse started in 2003 following Brian’s discovery of a long-lost collection of cast-iron glass shade molds inside an old storage warehouse in Port Jervis, New York. After carefully restoring them back into production, the hard-working team at Schoolhouse has continued to grow every year since. While lighting will always be our bread our butter, we’ve since expanded our assortment to other home goods such as hardware, fans, and domestic utility.

Alongside our Portland headquarters, we also recently opened up a retail space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In an economic context in which many companies are closing stores and reinvesting in e-commerce, the decision to invest in a second physical location was thoughtfully considered. The value is rooted in creating a worthwhile store experience within the context of a larger story that is greater than any big box retailer or e-commerce giant can provide. We hope it gives people an opportunity to interact and engage with our products in a tangible way.

F. Can you describe or give tips on the best places to eat, drink, source ingredients in your local area?
S. If there’s one thing to do when you visit Portland – it’s eat! There are so many talented chefs, winemakers, artisans, producers, brewers, farmers and bartenders it’s hard to choose just one... But right now, a few of our favorites are Afuri Izakaya for food, Tusk for Happy Hour, and Sugarpine Drive-in if you want to get out of the city, but not drive too far. As for ingredients, we are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by fresh produce throughout the seasons. One of the many great things about Portland is the dedication to quality and craft that people have – you can find someone passionate about farming and go to them for the best produce or discover a brewer and work with them directly to source. With that said, we love to support our local community.

F. You sell Falcon enamelware in your shop. What’s the most interesting way you’ve heard a customer use our product?
S. We had a customer tell us that they use the Falcon Enamelware Bake Set as an oyster ice tray. Not only does the aesthetic of the tray work well with the overall presentation of the oysters, but the enamel also keeps the ice really cold.

F. Do you have any unusual food combinations you can recommend?
S. We love using ingredients that are traditionally used for desserts in savory dishes and vice versa. For instance, using sliced apples in curries – either pureed to add flavor or in chunks to add texture. Another unconventional combo is sea urchin roe or Uni in dessert (we learned this from a local favorite Salt & Straw ice cream). We once tried a recipe that used Uni in a Panna Cotta. It was very luxurious and super tasty!


Pigeon Grey Bake Set

Pillarbox Red Bowls Set

Pigeon Grey Mug


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