Good Morning General is a newly opened store based in Seongbuk-dong in Seoul. They offer a curated selection of goods along with inspiration that promotes people seeking a healthy lifestyle. We spoke with them to explore more.

Can you tell us a bit about Good Morning General Store?
‘General Store’ was first made in a small town or village that carries a wide variety of goods that people need in the community. Taking the same purpose, ‘Good Morning General Store’ was named with our belief, ‘confidence comes from healthy lifestyle.’
Our selection focuses on utility, simplicity and classic design with an artistic touch. Falcon Enamelware has simple and minimal design as well as wide usability which perfectly fits into our style.

What plans do you have for the store this year?
As we are a newly opened store, we are focusing on promoting our store for now. There are many creators and artists in our area as well as nice restaurants and shops around us. We are planning to communicate and collaborate with them for new products, projects and pop-ups. As a general store, we want to offer selected products for good use and grow together with our neighbors.

You've recently started stocking Falcon enamelware. What’s your favorite product so far?
Falcon products are all bestsellers in store but our favorite is the 14cm Sauce Dish. It’s very handy and versatile. It’s also really fun to see how our customers use the dish. They use it not only for food but also as a tray for keys, jewelry, cards, incense, and as a saucer.

Is there a specific dish that you would personally make at home using any of our Falcon products?
I often make salad and pasta and place it in Falcon’s round 26cm medium salad bowl. It’s also good to use for vegetable prep.

Are there any other local companies you'd like to shoutabout? Where do you usually eat, drink, and source ingredients in your local area?
There are many places to recommend in Seongbuk-dong, where our store is l