Slow Cabins® design and rent off-grid cabins in secret locations in the countryside of Benelux.

We recently spoke with the Founder and CEO, Xavier Leclair, who wants you to slow down and enjoy nature. His plans for the future are exciting and visionary, he definitely left us with reasons to hold out hope.

F: Can you tell us about Slow Cabins?

X. Slow Cabins® is an eco lifestyle and hospitality concept that was set up in 2017 for stressed out city dwellers and millennials who are invited to relax for a short stay in nature close to home.

We design and rent mobile off-grid cabins in untouched nature in secret locations less than a two-hour drive away from European city hubs. The company is currently active in the Benelux and will strengthen its European market ambition by opening additional regions in the coming months.

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F. What made you decide to open a set of off-grid eco cabins?

X. Passionate about circular business modeling, lean start up management and challenging the status-quo, I swapped the beautiful and comfortable corporate environment for a more agile and purpose-driven start-up environment. A concept that creates impact with a social and environmental purpose that goes beyond just profit.

Slow Cabins is situated nicely at the intersection of multiple compelling consumer trends – the growth of the millennial consumer, the pursuit of improved work-life balance and general wellness, the desire for unique experiences, and access to nature as an anecdote for urban lifestyles and 24/7 connectedness.

Slow Cabins wants to reshape the future of eco hospitality by offering unique local 'off the grid' staycations as well as to promote hidden 'slow travel' experiences.


F. You use Falcon Enamelware across the site. What’s your favourite product and what do you use it for?

X. The classic ice white with blue rim pint jugs! They’re the perfect way to display the beautiful wildflowers surrounding our cabins.


F. Is there a specific dish that you would traditionally make using any of our Falcon products?

X. It is mostly our guests who cook or grill in the great outdoors, but we do know they are big fans of enjoying the seasonal vegetables they pick themselves at the local 'Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)' farms we collaborate with.

Simple, healthy and delicious together with a dash of sea salt, lots of herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Fantastic slow food!  


F. You are due to open other sites across Europe- can you tell us where?

X. We are expanding the concept to different European countries and we are always on the lookout for local, like-minded partners. We have the ambition to become the leading European platform for nature escapes in 'off the grid' eco cabins nearby European city hubs. Since we only reveal the guests' cabin location only two weeks before departure, we can unfortunately not reveal such details. But we can guarantee that each location has its particular charm.


F. How have you been keeping during this time? Do you have any tips for small business owners as we all become accustomed to this 'new normal'?

X. We have been hard at work to make our Slow Cabins safe, remote, contactless and above all a perfect detox from the daily hustle and COVID-19 stress.

I encourage every entrepreneur to embrace the slowdown and spend more time in nature. Doing this regularly gives more clarity, focus and perspective that is definitely helpful in the long-term.


White with Blue Rim 4¾" Bowls

Pillarbox Red Teapot

White with Blue Rim Mug


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