Berdoulat is one of House & Garden’s Top 100 Interior designers. Specialising in period buildings, husband + wife founders Patrick and Neri launched the physical Berdoulat shop in Spring 2021, following the completion of a four year long restoration by Berdoulat of a magnificent building in central Bath. The building also houses their studio, and is now home to them, along with daughters Wren and Bonnie, and doggy Elizabeth.

Can you tell us a bit about Berdoulat and how it came to be?
Berdoulat shares its name with an 18th century farm house in South West France, my childhood home. My parents bought the house as a ruin when I was in the womb and gradually restored it over twenty years. All members of the family worked on the place together, and as young children my siblings and I earned our pocket money applying lime render, or cleaning floor tiles salvaged from nearby demolition sites in the nick of time - stacked into an old Peugeot the night before bulldozers arrived. The cement mixer was our 5am alarm clock, and often when we meet for a family gathering impersonations of the mixer ensue.
The thought and process involved in this venture rubbed off on me, and I gained a passion for ancient buildings, furniture, objects and decoration.

You opened a store last year, what do you have planned for it this year?
The shop is constantly evolving, with new products joining the collection all the time. Beyond retail, the shop hosts all sorts of events in the evenings, from poetry readings and plays, to live music, wine tastings and cookery demonstrations. Highlights on the horizon include a live glass blowing taking place, and a performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations. We hope to get Honey & Co back later this year to cook once more in the space, and excitingly we have plans for supper clubs given by Jauca Catalin.

You've been a long-standing fan of Falcon, what’s your favourite Falcon product and why?
Well I think it's the large jugs you do. I like their form, and how they lend themselves to use as a jug, a carafe, or vase.

Is there a specific dish that you would personally make at home using any of our Falcon products?
I love using the baking dishes, and serving meals in them - they are such iconic pieces to bring to the table, with a bubbling lasagna within. There is a lovely Belgian dish I like to make with baked chicory topped with ham in a béchamelsauce, and a breadcrumb top.

Are there any other local companies you'd like to shoutabout? Where do you usually eat, drink, and source ingredients in your local area?
We've just started working with a wonderful chocolatier called Harth based in Bath. We have just finished an exciting collaboration for Easter - a giant life sized cockerel. This summer we will launch an armagnac filled Citroen 2CV too!
There are some super restaurants in and around Bath. I highly recommend Noya's Kitchen for Vietnamese food, Upstairs at Landrace, Menu Gordon Jones, Oak restaurant for superb vegetarian cuisine, and in Bradford on Avon The Bunch Of Grapes.

Do you have a most treasured possession?
I love the paintings and sculpture my late mother made, and treasure them not only because they are beautiful works of art, but because they represent an artistic link to her. She was an incredible, unsung artist who never showed her work publicly.


Photographer Paul Whitbread.


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White with Blue Rim Tumbler

White with Blue Rim Utensil Pot


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